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Immigrants Could Help Grow Idaho’s Economy Immensely

A new project has been put in motion that maps the economic impact of immigrants of all kinds on each state. Idaho’s numbers are both surprising and encouraging. For every unemployed STEM worker, for example, there are 2.4 job openings posted online in the area of STEM. Farther, there is a growing need for medical […]

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Occupation Vacancy Rates Suggest Skilled Worker Gap in Idaho

This report by the Idaho Department of Labor lays out the occupations which are most in demand in our state; many, if not most, of these openings require skilled workers. All around the country, highly-skilled new Americans could be filling these open jobs and contributing to their communities with a bit of help in navigating […]

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4 Ways to Improve Nonprofit Diversity

Trista Harris recently wrote an interesting article on some ways to improve diversity in the workplace for nonprofits. These tips, however, can be applied to any place of employment. Read more here:


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Relative to population, Idaho among most welcoming states for refugees

Idaho is a state that recognizes the economic benefits of being a welcoming community for refugees. Many of these new Americans are highly-skilled and working in valuable professions; and in addition to improving workplace diversity statewide, refugees generate huge returns of tax revenue to the state which help us all. We are proud to work […]

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The Refugees I Have Known

Read Amy Roost’s recent article featured on The Huffington Post’s website, which addresses many of the misconceptions still held about refugees today.


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Global Talent Idaho Featured In White House Report

We are honored to receive mention in the September “Progress Update on Job Driven Training and Apprenticeships” report released by the White House. The story of Rasha Al Zaidi, an Iraqi pharmacist and GTI Jobseeker who successfully reclaimed her career in Boise, is also featured on page 10! Read the full report here:

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Welcoming Idaho Project

We at Global Talent Idaho support “Welcoming Idaho”, a new project of the Idaho Community Action Network (ICAN) dedicated to creating communities receptive to new immigrants and refugees and their needs. “Just as fertile soil is needed for a seed to grow; receptive communities are needed for immigrants to thrive.” Read more and support their […]

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Boise International Market still has hope

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the families impacted by the recent fire at the Boise International Market. The community has rallied around these hard-working new Americans in the aftermath, raising nearly $50,000 in only a few days to help keep the business and restaurant owners working at the market and their families afloat until […]

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Chobani CEO To Donate At Least Half Of Wealth To Help Refugees

Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder and CEO of the top yogurt brand in the country, Chobani, announced recently he would be giving half of his wealth, estimated at $1.4 billion away to organizations that help refugees around the world. As a skilled Turkish immigrant, Ulukaya came to the U.S. in 1994 and in 2005 founded Chobani and […]

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