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Global Talent Idaho works with the broader Idaho business community to establish career pathways for highly skilled immigrants and refugees trying to reclaim their professional careers in the U.S.

Reclaiming Careers for Skilled Immigrants and Refugees
Retaining Talent for Idaho

Global Talent Idaho provides employers with a new resource for experienced professionals, while increasing the commitment and diversity of its workforce. Global Talent Idaho’s pool of highly skilled and educated workers includes those with extensive experience in healthcare, computer science, engineering, business and academia. These talented new Americans arrive in Idaho from other countries with much to contribute, but too often without the key connections and cultural knowledge to reclaim their careers here.

Global Talent Idaho builds bridges for these highly talented jobseekers, guiding them through training and credentialing, cultural orientation, and most critically, creating connections with employers seeking new talent.

Global Talent Idaho’s candidates bring professional backgrounds as doctors, nurses, accountants, IT specialists, engineers and teachers. All have permanent and legal work authorization in the U.S., so employers are not required to provide visa sponsorship. Global Talent Idaho can introduce employers to a diverse group of professionals with unique global perspectives, multiple language skills, and strong track records of career success, thereby boosting the talent quotient in Idaho’s economy.

Join us and get to know Global Talent Idaho.

  • Access to highly committed, pre-screened global talent–with a candidate database highlighting targeted skills and professional experience with no search fees
  • Opportunity to enhance workplace diversity and inclusion
  • Financial incentives and support (where applicable)–including tax credits, funded internships and on-the-job training
  • Workplace support and job coaching for duration of internships and first 90 days of employment
  • Connections to a network of other globally-focused businesses
  • Opportunity to expand Idaho’s employment base and to exercise corporate social responsibility commitments
  • Make a Talent Inquiry: Learn about our jobseeker candidates & how they meet your specific needs
  • Recruit Volunteers: Encourage employees to get involved, as Mentors (3-6 month relationship), Ambassadors (shorter-term), Job and/or Classroom Coaches
  • Join our Advisory Council: Join Idaho’s top employers in providing strategic program guidance
  • Host an Event: Get to know our candidates through networking or mock interview events
  • Offer an Internship or On-The-Job Training as a bridge between our candidates and your workplace
  • Provide Financial Support: Be a partner in Global Talent Idaho’s growth and development