The Professional Licensing Guides were created to help you understand all of the steps required to earn an Idaho state professional license or credential to return to the full practice of your regulated profession.

Many thousands of skilled new Americans have interrupted careers as doctors, engineers, teachers and other regulated professions to resettle in the U.S. If you are one of these professionals, Global Talent Idaho’s Professional Licensing Guides can help you understand all of the necessary steps to continue your career.

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: These are comprehensive guides that thoroughly list out all of the steps you would need to fulfill in order to license in Idaho. Do not get overwhelmed by the length of these guides. Each section within the licensing guide will take months or years to complete. These are documents that you will periodically need to refer to throughout your licensing process.

Licensing Guides

  1. Idaho Veterinarian licensing Guide-updated 12.21.2016 (PDF Version)
  2. Idaho Engineer (PE) Licensing Guide-updated 12.01.2016(PDF Version)
  3. Idaho Medical Doctor (MD) Licensing Guide_02 23 2017 (PDF Version)
  4. Idaho Pharmacist Licensing Guide-updated 12.21.2016 (PDF Version)
  5. Idaho Nurse-RN-Licensing Guide-updated 11.01.2016 (PDF Version)
  6. Idaho Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Licensing Guide_02 23 2017 (PDF Version)
  7. Idaho Teacher (K-12) Licensing Guide- 05. 01. 2017 (PDF Version)
  8. Idaho Dentistry Licensing Guide-Updated 6.23.2017 (PDF Version)
  9. Idaho Social Work Licensing Guide-Updated (PDF Version)
  10. Idaho IT Professional Licensing Guide-Updated (PDF Version)

Certification Guides

Healthcare Education Pathways Guide (PDF Version)

Work-Based Certification Resource Guide (PDF Version)

Pathways Guides

  1. International Medical Graduates Physicians (IMG) Pathway Guide 6.2.2017 (PDF Version)
  2. Internationally Trained Pharmacists Pathway Guide 6.2.2017 (PDF Version)
  3. Internationally Trained Nurses Pathway Guide 6.2.2017 (PDF Version)
  4. Accounting & Finance Professionals Pathway Guide 6.14.2017 (PDF Version)