Reclaiming careers for skilled immigrants and refugees
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Reclaiming Careers

Global Talent Idaho assists highly-skilled new Americans to successfully integrate into professional roles in Idaho – to continue or reclaim their careers and to help Idaho retain these talented professionals as key contributors to our communities and economy.

Retaining Talent for Idaho

Global Talent Idaho is a catalyst for underserved refugee and immigrant communities, and a boon to Idaho’s economic growth. Global Talent Idaho restores hope and dignity to people whose lives and careers have been interrupted, increases wages and family income and boosts tax revenues for Idaho communities.

Building Bridges to Idaho Businesses

Global Talent Idaho builds bridges between Idaho’s largest employers and skilled new Americans, providing Idaho employers with resources for high-skilled workers from across the globe, who bring an unparalleled commitment, global perspective and multiple languages to Idaho workplaces.
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Global Talent Idaho

Reclaiming Careers for Skilled Immigrants and Refugees. Retaining Talent for Idaho.

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