Global Talent Idaho’s April 7th Career Summit

Join us for Global Talent Idaho’s Career Summit on April 7th to help our job seekers practice and enhance their interview skills. Volunteers put their expertise to work in mock interviews and provide feedback to teach our job seekers how to master the interview process.

  • When: Friday, April 7, 2017 (1:00 – 5:00 pm)
  • Where: The College […]
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A softer landing

Read Derek Brouwer’s piece in the Missoula Independent for the story of who and what is inspiring many citizens of Missoula, Montana to call for the creation of what would be their state’s first refugee resettlement program here.Missoula

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The Struggles of a Recent Immigrant in the Office

For refugees, moving to another country to make a new life means a lot of fresh experiences — sometimes difficult, often enlightening, or just plain funny. Entering a new workplace is an original set of challenges, especially one in a different country – new language, customs and friends! Watch this hilarious video from The Flama […]

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White House convening highlights strategies for integrating immigrant workers

Amanda Bergson-Shilcock’s piece in the “Skills Blog” for the National Skills Coalition (NSC) gives a detailed account of Global Talent Idaho’s role in the White House’s Building Welcoming Communities Campaign, which encourages state and local governments to pursue activities that support the inclusion of all residents, and foster the economic, civic, and linguistic integration of immigrants […]

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Times News: “Religion is the Last Ugly Defense for Refugee Opponents”

This Times News Op-Ed regarding the debate on the CSI Refugee Center in Twin Falls contains many interesting and indisputable facts regarding the economic impact of refugees on communities in Idaho. Read the full piece here: Times News Op-Ed

twin falls

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“The Arab World in Idaho: Food, Innovation, & Culture” This Friday!

A fun, educational, and potentially delicious event for the community of Boise! Part of the proceeds go towards the re-construction of the Boise International Market. Get the specific details here.

arab conference


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Immigrants Could Help Grow Idaho’s Economy Immensely

A new project has been put in motion that maps the economic impact of immigrants of all kinds on each state. Idaho’s numbers are both surprising and encouraging. For every unemployed STEM worker, for example, there are 2.4 job openings posted online in the area of STEM. Farther, there is a growing need for medical […]

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Occupation Vacancy Rates Suggest Skilled Worker Gap in Idaho

This report by the Idaho Department of Labor lays out the occupations which are most in demand in our state; many, if not most, of these openings require skilled workers. All around the country, highly-skilled new Americans could be filling these open jobs and contributing to their communities with a bit of help in navigating […]

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4 Ways to Improve Nonprofit Diversity

Trista Harris recently wrote an interesting article on some ways to improve diversity in the workplace for nonprofits. These tips, however, can be applied to any place of employment. Read more here: https://philanthropy.com/article/Opinion-It-Isn-t-Enough-to/233105?cid=pt&utm_source=pt&utm_medium=en


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Relative to population, Idaho among most welcoming states for refugees

Idaho is a state that recognizes the economic benefits of being a welcoming community for refugees. Many of these new Americans are highly-skilled and working in valuable professions; and in addition to improving workplace diversity statewide, refugees generate huge returns of tax revenue to the state which help us all. We are proud to work […]

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